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Welcome to CTI.COM your online source for Boilers. Since 1963, Comité Técnico Industrial de Venezuela, S.A., “CTI”, have been engaged in the design, manufacturing, installation, repair and post-sale services of Fire-Tube & Water-Tube Boilers, Steam Generators, Pressure Vessels, Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers and Water Treatment Plants for Boilers. "CTI" is committed to a Total Quality Management manufacturing Process. Our goal is to deliver on time the highest quality products and services to our customers.

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To meet the needs of our Clients through the Design, Manufacture, Installation, and ...... Post-sale Repair and Maintenance Services of Boilers, Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers and Pressure Vessels, taking into account the technical specifications, also by means of a state-of-the-art technology, a highly qualified personnel, our commitment to continuing development, in order to obtain the highest competitiveness, growth, stability and profitability of our company.


To be a highly productive company that supplies products and services guaranteed by high quality standards and state-of-the-art technology, training programs, and personnel committed to continuously improve, with the object of strengthening the export market to the Central & South American Countries, Caribbean and the United States of America.


1 . Ethics as a basic principle.
  1. 2 . Organization and order.
  2. 3 . Integrity.
  3. 4 . Punctuality.
  4. 5 . Responsibility.
  5. 6 . Will to excel.
  6. 7 . Respect for regulations.
  7. 8 . Respect for the rights of others .
  8. 9 . Love for work.
  9. 10. Sense for economy and accomplishment.


The Board of Director of CTI has adopted the quality guidelines of ISO-9001:2000 and has committed itself to comply with the regulations in order to continuously improve towards quality and excellence.

Our policies are always focused on the achievement of our Client’s needs, the improvement of mutual relationship, the enhancement of the competence of our personnel and the development of our providers and suppliers.

The implementation, maintenance and improvement of the quality management system lead us to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of our processes. This will ensure a continuous growth towards the achievement of the objectives herein specified.


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  • (1)        Design and manufacture of Continental Boilers designed for the oil, gas, petrochemical and general service industry,           complying with ASME Code and Client’s requirements.

  • (2)        Mechanical design and the manufacture of Pressure Vessels for the oil refineries and all others general service industry,           complying with ASME Code and the Client’s requirements.

  • (3)        Manufacture, Repair and Modification of Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers, in accordance with ASME/TEMA code, client’s             requirements and the NBIC repair regulation.

  • (4)        Installation and Maintenance of Boilers for the general service industry, according to the Client’s requirements.

  • (5)       Warranty of Professional Manufacture and Service, including raw material used in order to continuously improve the Quality Management System processes & efficiency.

  • (6)        Implementation and standardization of a Cost Effective Policy and Commercial Conditions.

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